Save energy with LED downlighters

Zivia Alexander writes: We’re renovating our kitchen and I’d like to add some downlighters to create atmosphere. What type of light is the most energy efficient?

interior modern kitchen

Melissa Davidson (Lighting Warehouse) replies: Although a successful kitchen lighting design need not be complex, we always recommend ‘layered lighting’ to create a warm and inviting space that can multi-task as a cooking area, practical workspace and appealing entertainment or dining area. Downlighters are a great source of both general and task lighting for kitchens, and LED ones are the most energy efficient on the market.

Compared to traditional incandescent downlighters, LED downlighters offer about 90% energy saving. The Lighting Warehouse has a 10W LED downlighter (about R249.95) that provides light output of 800 lumen. It’s 110mm in diameter, has an opal diffuser to block out any glare, comes complete with an electronic driver and boasts an incredible
lifespan of 30 000 hours.

FYI Lumen is a unit that measures the amount of brightness that comes from a light source and it defines ‘luminous flux’, which is energy within the range of frequencies we perceive as light.