Picture it before you paint: the Dulux Visualizer™ app

Struggling to decide which colour to paint your house? Thanks to the free Dulux Visualizer™ app, it’s now easier than ever 
to make the perfect choice! The Visualizer™ app is an innovative, user-friendly solution for your smartphone or tablet. It’s interactive and it gives you the power to make the right decision.

Take a picture of the wall you want to paint 
and then play with options on the image. You’ll be able to change the colour of the wall as often as you like. Simply save your pictures for later, or share them on social media to showcase your style. Using the app is as simple as the touch 
of a screen.

Follow these simple steps:




Once you’ve downloaded the Dulux Visualizer™ app (find it in the Google Play store for Android or Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad), open it and select the Photo Visualizer™.




In essence you want to take a photo and with your chosen image you can then tap into choose colour icon to explore various palettes or ready-mixed shades or even search for a colour by its name and play with them on your wall. Once done simply save and share  your images with friends and family.

Did you know?
The app has a masking tape device. Tap on 
the icon and follow the 
on-screen prompts.


Find the Visualizer™ app in the app store, download it and start dreaming…