Desk lamp

Brighten up a dark corner with this easy-to-make lamp.

You will need

• 30mm wooden curtain rod, sawn into two pieces of 550mm and 200mm
• 13mm dowel, 150mm long
• electrical cable
• light socket and light bulb
• plug

How to …


Starting 3cm in from one end of the 550mm curtain rod, make four evenly spaced marks. Drill a hole of at least 10mm right through the rod at each mark. Now drill a 13mm hole (this time only halfway through the wood) about 1cm below the last 10mm hole. Drill another 13mm hole halfway through the wood in the middle of the shorter rod. Use Alcolin Fast Set Wood Glue to attach the 13mm dowel between the short and long rods. Thread the electrical cable through the 10mm holes, attach the socket and light bulb at one end and the plug to the other end – and voila, let there be light!