DIY: A vertical garden with burglar bars

Use old tins and burglar bars to create a stunning vertical garden.

burgler bars, DIY, plant, potted, tins

By Shelly Bergh • Photographs Francois Oberholster

Hard labour 1/10
Skill level 1/10
Time needed 1 hour

What you need

• hammer
• nail
• garden gloves
• pliers
• side cutter
• small spade

• old burglar bars
• various tins
• drainage stones
• potting soil
• plants
• cable ties

set 1 vert

1. Use the hammer and nail to make holes in the base of the tins for drainage.
2. Fill the base of the tins with a layer of drainage stones.
3. Add potting soil.

set 2 vert
4. Place a plant in the tin and add more potting soil. Press it down firmly.
5. Attach the tin to the burglar bars with cable ties; use pliers to pull it tight and snip the excess off with side cutters.

Tip: Connect two cable ties together if one is too short to fit around the tin.