Creative ways to decorate with books

A collection of books has the ability to transform a house into a home by adding a lived-in feel to a space.

Here are some creative and unique book display ideas to inspire you, whether you’re an avid reader running out of space to store your never-ending book collection, or just need a practical solution to display a few loved titles.

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Start small
A few books by your bedside table, together with candles and a night lamp create a cosy feel in your bedroom. It’s also a gentle reminder to unwind with books, rather than in front of a screen before bed.


Character display
Interspersed with plants and knick knacks, a few favourite reads are a great way of showing off your personality. Play around with quirky titles and covers.

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Make a statement
A stack of vintage titles, such as this beautiful Shakespeare collection, don’t just fit in with the decor of an opulent home; they become a focal point.


Bright idea
A variety of books in different colours may look messy if you have a neutral decor palette, so why not embrace the colour? Paint the back of a shelf bright pink (or green or blue or yellow!) for a bold look.


Read up
Not every home can accommodate floor to ceiling bookshelves. Create extra space for your book collection by adding floating shelves above couches and beds.

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Stack ’em up
If you don’t have a shelf, create an attractive book pile and leave to stand, or use as a makeshift side table. This works better with larger books.


Hidden away
Use a display of books to hide away an unsightly decoder or router. Place the decoder in-between a stack of similarly sized books and tie up with a thick ribbon. Search second-hand stores for large, hardcover books in similar colours.

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Display extremes
Create a library nook which can be concealed with sliding doors painted to match your decor. Alternatively, let your books take centre stage by turning an entire wall into a bookshelf.


Part of the furniture
Instead of a screen or standard display cabinet, use a bookshelf as a room divider. Take the books-as-furniture concept one step further and use a stack of books to support a table in place of legs.

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Unexpected spaces
Instead of bed legs, one Home reader used old books instead. He also made a staircase from wood pallets that doubles up as an attractive bookshelf.

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Literary kitchen
Hand write your favourite recipe and display it above a stack of your most-used cookbooks. For smaller spaces, stack books in a wooden crate together with a pot of herbs.